Thursday, July 16, 2015

Moria: More Maps

This post is for David Blair, who requested that I post my maps from Moria.  For everyone else who likes maps, enjoy.  For the rest of you, there's nothing else to see here.  What kind of inhuman monster doesn't love maps, anyway?


Forest level 1

Forest level 2

Forest level 3

Forest level 4

Forest level 5


  1. Tx Nathan - this must've taken you ages lol. As I said, you must have the patience of a Zen Master! I just realized though, one of the best thrills when playing Moria is finding those damn 'stairs down.' So no need to post any more maps (I'm sure that's to your relief) - I'll start enjoying finding them on my own - Tx anyway


  2. No worries, hope they helped give you a head start.