Monday, November 30, 2015

Current Final Ratings

I've now done Final Ratings for all the games I've completed.  More detailed write-ups are in the Victory posts for those games, but here I present the leaderboard as it stands currently.  And yes, I realise that it's ridiculous to compare RPGs and adventure games.  I'm doing it anyway.

Position Game Final Rating
1 The Game of Dungeons (aka dnd) 54
2 Beneath Apple Manor 50
3 Orthanc 46
3 The Dungeon (aka pedit5) 46
5 Colossal Cave Adventure 44
6 Adventureland 42

Some of the results here were expected, but there were some genuine surprises. I was pretty sure that The Game of Dungeons would be right at the top, as it's easily the most enjoyable game on the list so far.  I'm surprised at how high Beneath Apple Manor rated.  Perhaps it benefited from being short, but it's also a really tightly designed game.  Orthanc is an expanded, improved version of The Dungeon, but because of that it lost points in the Innovation category.

It's surprising that the text adventures are both languishing at the bottom.  I expected Colossal Cave Adventure to rate higher, but certain factors (most notably its absurdly obtuse final puzzle) brought it down a little.

It's also a little disheartening to see that after almost two years I've only completed seven games.  The pace is going to pick up now that I'm into the era of the home computer, thankfully.  I'm already done with Space, and should have a post ready for later in the week.  (Here's a spoiler for you: it's probably going to end up at the bottom of the list.)

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