Monday, May 25, 2015

Upcoming Schedule: The 1970s

I haven't made much progress in Moria, and even if I had there would probably be very little worth mentioning.  Instead I'm going to post my schedule for games I'm going to play from the 1970s.  The list isn't set in stone.  It might be incomplete.  There might be games I can't find, or can't get to run.  But for anyone looking to play along, here it is.


Adventure (aka Colossal Cave Adventure)

DND (an RPG developed on the PDP-10 system; I doubt I'll be able to find it)

Beneath Apple Manor
Dungeon Campaign
Journey to the Center of the Earth Adventure
Pirate Adventure
Voyage to Atlantis
Arcade Interlude: Space Invaders (I'm going to do some single-post diversions into classic arcade games from time to time.)

Adventure (the Atari 2600 game)
Akalabeth: World of Doom
Dog Star Adventure
Dungeon of Death
Dunjonquest: Morloc's Tower
Dunjonquest: The Datestones of Ryn
Dunjonquest: The Temple of Apshai
Space II
The Wizard's Castle
Wilderness Campaign
King Tut's Tomb Adventure
Microsoft Adventure
Pyramid of Doom
Secret Mission
Sorcerer's Castle Adventure
Arcade Interlude: Galaxian
Arcade Interlude: Asteroids
Arcade Interlude: Lunar Lander

That's 35 games, which could take a while considering that I'm only on my fourth game after a year of the blog.  But some of these will no doubt drop off the list, some will be one-post 'Arcade Interludes', and I expect that the pace will pick up once I move away from games developed on powerful mainframes and towards those made for home computers.

Next week I plan to start posting about Adventure, the original text adventure game.  I'm not abandoning Moria; I intend to keep playing that in the background, and will post when I have more to say about it besides "it's empty and boring".  But I don't want the blog to lie fallow while I play it, so it's time to move on.  Adventure awaits!


  1. Interesting to read about your adventures with these early computer games! So, are you aiming for completeness or do you intend to play only the more important titles? And do you intend to do only computer games or will you tackle also consoles?

  2. At the moment, I am aiming for completeness in CRPGs and adventure games - we'll see how that goes as I progress. I will be crossing over into consoles as well, though I'll only be playing English language games; I'll play foreign games if they've been translated, but only the truly significant ones (mostly early Japanese RPGs, I think).

    I plan to occasionally branch out of the two genres I'm focusing on as well. I've done a single post on Space Invaders, for example. Basically, this blog where I'll be playing all the games I always wanted to play, and doing so in chronological order.