Tuesday, April 23, 2019

MUD1: Little Specks

I know that I promised that my next post would be my final one for MUD1, but I've only just started exploring the north-west island. It's very mysterious and intriguing, so I'm still playing. I also don't have much time or energy for a full post, so here are some minor tidbits that I've discovered:

  • There's a seagull fluttering around near the beach at the bottom of the waterfall. If you wash it in the birdbath it turns to solid gold and can be swamped for points.
  • There's a sundial in the pine forest, but it has no gnomon. If you put a stick on it, then TELL TIME, it zaps you with some energy and increases your score.
  • There's an Ox wandering around the Land, and for some reason hugging it turns it into a worthless statue. I'm not sure how to give it some value.
  • I'd been puzzled for a while by a hole in the ground, but it turns out it's just a rabbit burrow, and putting a rabbit in it earns you some points.
  • Another thing that had puzzled me for ages was a golden bolt that was stuck in the railroad track. A strong lever was required to pull it out, and on a whim I tried my axe. It worked, to my surprise. The pickaxe works as well. It's weird when real-world logic triumphs in an adventure game.
  • I've mentioned before that there was a pancake in the larder that was stuck to its pan by magic. I tried flipping it, which I was able to do, and again I earned some more points.
  • I also mentioned a brass ring that I couldn't lift due to a magical force. Elsewhere there's a secret room that can be opened by blowing a conch, and in the room is a finger bone. Stick the finger in the brass ring and it turns gold and can be taken and - of course - swamped for points.
  • I found a statue of a lion in the pine forest that I'd somehow missed. There's a sign not far from it that says it will point the way if dropped in the "garden of the dead". Sure enough, if you drop it in the graveyard it will direct you to the tomb.
  • Speaking of the tomb, it can be pried open with the axe or the pickaxe. I think I've explored it fully, but more on that next time.
  • Finally, with the help of commenter PK Thunder who told me that the relevant quote was "for all intents and purposes", I was able to figure out that the answer to open the west tomb was 1547. Inside I found a sarcophagus and a firestone. The firestone can be used a light source (much safer to carry around than the torch), and apparently makes you immune to being summoned by other players. The sarcophagus contains a body that can be swamped for points.

That's all I have time for at the moment. I should be back with a post in a week or so, and hopefully I'll have explored the north-western island. There's just the matter of the pesky dragon that keeps incinerating me... 

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